Digital Champions

Who are we?

Our Digital Leaders have a very important role in school. There are two Digital Leaders from each of the Oak classes.

What do we do?

The Digital Leaders endeavour to blast our school into the 21st century. They work closely with Mrs Jones and Miss Gabriel to support ICT across the school.

Their primary aims are:

  1. To ensure everyone uses ICT and the internet safely and responsibly
  2. To be responsible for the ICT hardware in our school.
  3. To be up to date and knowledgeable about new technology, apps and websites

Digital Leaders will be at the forefront of e-Safety in our school. They will be responsible for promoting e-Safety and keeping pupils updated about the latest changes in technologies that can keep us safe. They will also be allocated roles around school to ensure the safe keeping of ICT equipment, take responsibility for assembly computer management and be creating our school Vlog.

Click on the links below to take you to the different sections of our work.

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Click here to access our DCF vision and values.